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Notables for 8kun /qresearch/ thread #14971

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Version 6.0 of GEMS Chart

Police use water cannon against protesters in Paris amid clashes over Global Security Bill

'Widespread destruction to businesses' in Portland by violent black bloc vandals

Top Biden advisors Flournoy and Blinken promise smarter, more secretive permanent war policy

Massive Maga scene in Wauwatosa

About That Voting Machine Company Tied To Mitt Romney And Bain Capital…


Jordan Sekulow to Newsmax TV: Pending Georgia Lawsuit 'Shocking'


COVID Lockdown Enforcement Patterns

Nevada: Total Ballots Cast: 1,327,394, Total Presidential Election Votes: 1,405,376

NAN tax filings show Rev. Al Sharpton paid his family over $80K

Buffalo, New York Business Owners Stand Up to Cuomo Lockdown Orders; Chase Out Sheriff & Health Dept

Scavino tweets a lion in a swamp

Tip from US helps Russia rescue 7-year-old boy kidnapped by pedophile

Soros, Bloomberg-Funded Group Pushes Cash into Georgia Runoff

FYI, @SidneyPowell1's Wikipedia page has been edited 500 times in the last four days. This pushed any entry before Nov 17 out of the article's history

Senegal, Dark Winter & mystery disease

New DJT Landslide Tweet

@LLinWood: If you cannot attack the message, attack messenger. I have received death threats analyzed as likely real. Fine. I have protection of Psalm [email protected] is now doing hit piece based on frivolous lawsuit filed by former office-sharing…

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Claims That People Will Stay At Home If They Are Paid

"The whole world is watching"a voice off-screen told Saudi Arabia's King Salman as he opened the annual G20 summit

World Economic Forum-Endorsed "Great Reset" Seeks to Eliminate Currency, Private Property

Liggett Group, Vector Tobacco, and Xcaliber International File Preliminary Injunction Against the State of Colorado in United States Federal Court

#Firefighters work to evacuate trapped citizens in Haifa's Ein Hayam neighborhood, as heavy rains flooded #Israel over the weekend

Notables for 8kun /qresearch/ thread #14971

25 results • OlderNewerOldestNewest (#15198)