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Death Toll From Kabul Suicide Attack Rises to 30, 70 Injured

Four Israelis arrested in Ukraine for attempting to smuggle cocaine

BLM Activists Assault Black Veteran, Steal American Flag in Los Angeles

Trump accuses doctors of faking coronavirus death count for money

eyes on the ball> soccer ball (remember when putin gave POTUS a soccer ball?)

Rifle-carrying trans Muslim Antifa arrested at riot in Phoenix

It all started with a prank anonymous post on 4chan, and now #QAnon is having a real effect on how people vote in the US election!

Video of Images of Hunter Biden

Mike Pence's chief of staff Marc Short and the VP's senior political advisor Marty Obst test positive for COVID

National File: Paul Pelosi Jr. under scrutiny for corruption, ethical lapses

EXC: Joe Biden’s Texts to Hunter Show Ex-VP Had “No Hesitancy” in Helping Son Get $1M From Chinese Communist-Linked Business Partner

Archbishop Viganò’s powerful letter to President Trump: Eternal struggle between good and evil playing out right now

Coons addresses infamous photo of Biden, daughter during swearing-in ceremony

Dance Party Starting! Hundred points symbol


"Former Republican" is triggered seeing nuns at MAGA Rally

Biden Daughter's Diary Details 'Not Appropriate' Shows with Joe As Child

The Patriot "SOON"

Watching DDOS attacks around the world tonight

Hunter Biden seemed to be concerned as far back as 2010 that @EricSchwerin would "rat" to the "Feds

Who Are The Zionists?

Syrian ISIS terrorist 'who stabbed tourist to death in Germany' wanted to slaughter Christians and cut out their tongues - and was under observation on the day of the attack

Trump’s Super Recovery from covid. Biden’s Depression from … well… everything

Warning: Very Disturbing. The adult voice is HRC’s campaign chair

I tend to agree that WHEN Trump wins, if the Senate gets fucked in the process, especially the GOP it will be a great message to the Political class and their donors. That shit does not fly anymore. But I still think GOP takes the Senate and Trump…

Bipartisan Support for Gina Haspel's Nomination to e CIA Director From Distinguished National Security Leaders

Senator Coons' underage DAUGHTER on laptop from hell


Jonah was kidnapped in 2013

There are pics of Pelosi’son and Hunter partaking in an orgy that includes a child

CIA Releases New Streaming Ad: “Discover the CIA: Your Nation is Counting on You”

Hunter Biden is dead. Prove me wrong

Mossad head: Saudi normalization ties to be announced after US election

"Sources close to and with deep knowledge of the investigation, have informed me that Chris coons' daughter in addition to seven other underage girls are also featured on [hunter biden's] laptop"

John Podest MP4 (Think ya HOT SHIT DONCHA)

Democrat Senate Candidate Mark Kelly's Yearbook Shows him Dressed As Hitler

Trump supporters crash Biden rally, Joe calls them 'chumps;' Trump says Biden rallies have 'tiny crowds'

Hunter has tattoo of Finger Lakes NY on his back. That’s where his mom was born (Neilia Hunter Biden - deceased)

CIA Director Gina Haspel Speaks at Auburn University


According to NBC, If Trump loses the election, QAnon will also lose support — and eventually disintegrate

Five-star and four-star book reviews for journalist Shane Dowling’s new book: Australia’s Paedophile Protection Racket

‘God is the ultimate’: How Trump talks about his faith

Eyes On Check line 119 $4$#$*(

Hunter pic: strap on dildo detected

You mean The Young Turks still show their faces on YouTube after the 2016 election?! Wow

That's from Lauren Witzke who is a US Senate Candidate

Guantanamo detainee trials could be broadcast online thanks to House measure

New girl in pic

Notables for 8kun /qresearch/ thread #14391

49 results • OlderNewerOldestNewest (#15169)