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Notables for 8kun /qresearch/ thread #14288

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[p/b] Set Condition SQ1 Buckle up, buttercups. Somebody is going to be hit by a figurative nuke

Crimson Tide: Technically Speaking A translation guide for the movie

Patriot Anons Crimson Tide movie clip - Condition 1SQ means Ready to launch

Congress Just Released The Hunter Biden Report – It Accuses The Biden Family Of Trying To Enrich Themselves

In Crimson Tide, Hunter (Denzel Washington) is 2nd in command and mutiny is taking place so he MUST take control as the chief of the nuke submarine

GOOG Search Algorithm Rigged to Pump QAnon Disinfo - PROOF

City of #Shenzhen, China, orders residents to prepare emergency supplies—following CCP leader Xi Jinping order for troops to focus on preparing for war

Neilla Hunter Year book Bidens first wife

Democrats Freak Out Over "Deja Vu" As Biden Lead LESS THAN Hillary, Republicans WINNING Voter Edge

Biden claims he met Jill in 1975 on a blind date

CNN is teasing BREAKING NEWS that Trump walked out of interview with CBS(?)

MAXWELL UPDATE The deposition and other docs must be publicly posted "no later than" Thursday, Oct. 22 at 9 a.m

Twitter Is Nuking Retweets Until After The Election

Trump Calls Out CBS' Lesley Stahl for 'Not Wearing A Mask at White House'

US Navy fighter jet crashes near the Robbers Roost rock formation in East Kern

Patriot Anons Red October

Stahl is mask-free

Eric Trump UNREAL!

Attorney General William Barr Delivers Video Remarks for the Virtual National Law Enforcement Training on Child Exploitation

Richard Grenell Someone is lurking here…

Dems in Absolute Panic As Early Data Shatters Narrative in Key States

Erie, PA KEYSTONE STATE and ONLY PA COUNTY on Lake Erie—Watch The Water

#VOTEREPUBLICAN We will be taking back the house, securing the senate and keeping the PRESIDENCY! #Trump2020

FUD NEWS Food Shortages Hit China: There Is "Not…Enough Fresh Food To Go Around"

Soros DA

FBI and DOJ confirm that Biden's laptop not part of 'Russian Disinformation' campaign

Wait…..Eric C was Biden's top Ukraine analyst??


George Papadopoulos


What's going on with E.Musk ??

McConnell has set the stage for Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation vote to happen on October 26th. That is Hillary Clinton's birthday

Kamala Harris, CJ McCollum, Donovan Mitchell, and Tobias Harris: The Power of Voting


Notables for 8kun /qresearch/ thread #14288

34 results • OlderNewerOldestNewest (#16205)