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Notables for 8kun /qresearch/ thread #12691

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Japan cleared to buy 105 Lockheed Martin F-35 stealth fighters for $23bn-flightglobal July 9

Florida, California, Texas See Record Daily COVID-19 Deaths Amid Push to Reopen US States-sputnik

POTUS schedule update "an unscheduled stop at Trump National Doral"-publicpool.kinja

Florida Attorney General calls for investigation of abortion center linked to Pornhub trafficking case of minor-lifesitenews

ESPN Reporter Says “F*ck You” to GOP Senator Josh Hawley For Criticizing NBA, China – ESPN Responds-gatewaypundit and soc media

NDN Collective Founder, Nick Tilsen Facing Charges After Protests In Keystone- facing 12 years in prison-listensdpb via soc media

anon dig on Partners In Health (PIH) and on muh film "bending the arc" on haiti

anon reposting Catherine Herridge crumbs from lb,pb

NBC Contributor Reveals He Never Tested Positive For COVID After Network Followed His Alleged Recovery-thefederalist

pf report(s)

After Ford employees demanded the company stop making police vehicles, the CEO clapped black with logic, common sense-theblaze

Kids Shipped in Armoires? The Person Who Started the Wayfair Conspiracy Speaks-newsweek Wayfair Reponse

Whitmer EO mandates masks with $500 fine-govdelivery .pdf

DNC Joins Amazon In Cracking Down On TikTok Use By Employees-zh

California To Release 8,000 More Inmates Early Due To COVID-19, In Addition To The State’s Reduction Of 10,000 Inmates Since The Start Of The Pandemic-B911- great!

kek speaks to hillbags-4 second anons

Leslie King=Gerald Ford anon dig and comment(s)

DC Court of Appeals Orders Flynn Attorneys to Respond to Judge Sullivan’s Petition within 10 Days-gatewaypundit

quads speak truth

$9,000 for a Pillow? And these coincidences? LE needs to investigate-call to dig

U.S. files superseding indictment against Ghislaine Maxwell-reuters

Dance Protest at MDC, Headed By Nicki Clyne and Other Nxivm Leaders, Gains Outside Support, as They Hide Ties to Cult-frankreport that is just ghey

anons on Maxwell/Mossad running reddit

President Trump Receives a Briefing on SOUTHCOM Enhanced Counternarcotics Operations video

Universal Health Services, Inc. And Related Entities To Pay $122 Million To Settle False Claims Act Allegations Relating To Medically Unnecessary Inpatient Behavioral Health Services And Illegal Kickbacks-justice.gov

DJT jr retweet

Pacer Docs 1:20-cr-00330-AJN All Defendants USA v. Maxwell-Date of last filing: 07/10/2020

Notables for 8kun /qresearch/ thread #12691

27 results • OlderNewerOldestNewest (#13039)