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Notables for 8kun /qrb/ thread #53

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Notes from Repub peach mint defense; Q & A; last day

Unpacking Laura Ingraham’s bombshell report on Eric Ciaramella, the Bidens, and Ken Vogel

Sanders opens up 15-point lead in New Hampshire: Poll

Lindsey Graham: "Impeachment is a dead cat" (vid clip)

Rand Paul tweets

Trump Told Bolton to Help His Ukraine Pressure Campaign, Book Says

Int'l Republican Institute

ZH Corona vs HIV article [valid or not?]

Map showing Wuhan Inst of Virology in "middle of nowhere" with "ghost" roads around it

How Q posts can be commonly linked

Short redpill vid

Quick Pic Baking Instructions

Learning to Bake in 2 minutes vid

Epstein data dump

Yes, Ukraine’s Oligarchs Own the Airwaves, but Their Days Are Numbered (2 yr article but good)

Five key people in Ukraine phone leak conspiracy

Nancy tearing up SOTU gif

Q "biblical" drops

On Q3826 past finds the future; Q3827 future finds the past

Soros and "Judge Roberts surprise" (short vid)

Notes on Glenn Beck Vid Ukraine: The Final Piece - Q 3841

"Revival" and banking ties Ukraine & Moldova

"Revival" con't

Kolomoisky, Ukraine & Israel

Q post #345; who owns Gannett?; Gatehose Media/Michael E. Reed CEO

Recent cheese pizza reference opening up pizzagate again?

Creepy wikileaks podesta cheese email: reminder

Jeffry Epstein & Towers Financial

Moldova: poor country with lots of trafficking problems

Shadow Inc dig

Qanon conspiracy permeates mainstream politics [great--we're moving into the mainstream!]

Biden got "lying dog-faced pony soldier" from this film

London pics; Is Gina Haspel there?

Anonymous or Qanonymous? Q 3855

Endchan as a possible bu board during 8kun attacks; Endchan status

Neon Revolt re conversation with Ron about Feb 8/9 attack on 8kun

"A Clear and Present Danger": What Does it Mean?

Soros-Tied Group Run by Top Dem Operatives Promotes Global Leftist Agenda

Killbox analyses (summary)

Avenatti convicted

Anon on "pirate" anon posts

BDA anon is back

Notables for 8kun /qrb/ thread #53

42 results • OlderNewerOldestNewest (#57)