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Notables for 8kun /qrb/ thread #52

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Sorcha Faal called "popular" with Q followers by fake news

Project Looking Glass & recent article on declassifying black space programs

The articles of impeachment show Democrats are the ones obstructing justice (from NBC!)

CM working on timestamp bugs

Q proof (timestamp between POTUS tweet & Q drop 55): "The Storm in upon us......."

Steven Kwast on the urgent need for a US space force (vid & Aug article)

Comments on fake Q post & how (You)s can be faked (BO & anon)

OANN's Chanel Rion interviews former Ukrainian prosecutor Lutsenko

Lindsey Graham invites Rudy Giuliani to Judiciary panel to discuss recent Ukraine visit

The Biden Bunch: Survey of Biden family corruption (27min vid)

New Wikileaks release shows doctoring of facts in released version of OPCW chemical weapons report on Syria

Dig on Rachel Whetstone

Is Rachel Maddow the activator for leftwing protests?

Horowitz report spotlights little-known FBI agent's role in Russia probe, Flynn case

Russell "Texas" Bentley on Normandy Four Mtgs & Zelensky's reaction

Anon on 1:29 from Q Dec 2 drop and LZ 129 Hindenberg Luftschiff: Will Schiff's witch hunt crash & burn?

Schiff Claims Ignorance of FISA Abuses, Nunes Shreds Him With Facts in Brilliant Letter, ‘You Are in Need of Rehab’

Possible Jeremy Fleming connection Jan 1993 - ECMM Bosnia (same a GCHQ Chief?)

Q #3532 on Awan; his brother Abid has a Ukrainian-born wife, Natalia Sova

Flynn (vid: 21mins) pub 12-17-19

Anon on Q #3717 (first arrests triggering a mass awakening)

Melissa Hodgman = wife of Strzok = head of SEC (POTUS just said 'there's problems with the wife'--was she the real insurance policy?)

Banning guns will not make schools safe

The Travon Martin Race Hoax Exposed (2 hrs; released 10-22-19)

Anon on Q #3728 (slings & arrows, backchannels & Cuban missile crisis)

Martha MacCallum interview with Wm Barr - Part I notes

Virginia 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County Speech: Moral Obligation To Fight Tyranny (vid clip)

Admiral Mike Rogers cooperating with Trump-Russia problem (12-20-19)

Excerpts from Crowdstrike article plus Google Capital, George Kurtz, Shawn Henry, Steven Chabinsky

Project Looking Glass. con't: being used with Sentient Word Simulation and Army After Next (AAN)?

Anon: Project Looking Glass, SWS, ANN & Q's ability to predict future events

Ukrainian hryvnia = best performing current this year, how is this possible & is Soros involved?

President Trump Addresses Turning Point USA Student Action Summit

Joichi Ito, ethics of AI, & the MIT Media Lab

Moar examples of predictive analytic engines (Project Looking Glass)

Timeline on New Zealand's spying on POTUS, Five Eyes' role, the election of Jacinda Ardern & current situation

Sara Carter, John Solomon & Brett Tolman weigh in on FISA Court abuse

French Unions and Yellow Vests General Strike

FOIA Documents Reveal The Fort Knox Gold Mystery: DIGG ANONS

Gen. Flynn to be sentenced on Jan 28 -- "done in 30"?

Jessie Jane Duff Dig

2020 = 0505 reversed (5:5)

Clock started and planned to end in 2020?

"Clock started" DIG con't. - vase = phase?

Ice_T & Ted Nugent tweets

DIGG on Jane Ginsburg (daughter of RBG)

Giuliani's 2020 New Years Eve Statement on the Dems

WAPO = disinfo ctr pushing "muh Russia" & discrediting Ukraine corruption

BBC: Hillary Clinton to be appointed Chancellor of Queen’s University, Belfast

Notables for 8kun /qrb/ thread #52

49 results • OlderNewerOldestNewest (#59)