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Notables for 8kun /qrb/ thread #51

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Impeachment hearings live updates: Pelosi asks committee chairs to proceed with articles of impeachment

August 2018 calender of key events

'Snarky' Stanford Impeachment Witness Apologizes After Outrage Over Barron Trump Comment

‘We can impeach again’: Rep. Al Green congressman suggests continuous impeachment effort

McCarthy says Pelosi has ‘weakened this nation’

QR & QRB discussion

POTUS: Horowitz/Durham reports to detail alleged Dem coup

"So now they hang [their hats]" in POTUS tweet

Comello lawyer: killer was radicalized by Q; Travis View chimes in; see Q #3644

Anthony Comello's lawyer Robert C. Gottlieb

Rep. Roger Marshall (R–Kan.) thinks short-barreled rifles are overregulated, and he's looking to change that

Q #3654 & Project Looking Glass

The Bradford File reports that US Attorney Durham is seeking information from Admiral Mike Rogers for his investigation

QR & QRB discussion, con't

Check out the statistics on the QAnon clip versus other clips from the same show

New Ukrainian leader heads to high-stakes meeting with Putin

Second theory on Q#3653: points to CastleComedian, Feb Q drops, Wikileaks HRC emails

Anon on Punisher file name dig Theory on Q #3653 (Punisher): points to Binance, drug running & human trafficking

DOJ inspector general, set to release major report on FBI's Russia investigation, spent years prosecuting corrupt officials

New DJT: I. G. Report out tomorrow. That will be a big story!

Anons on POTUS' comment at Hershey rally on password, 'Victory or Death"

OAN’s Chanel Rion Gives Debriefing On Ukraine Trip

"Undeniable Evidence": Explosive Classified Docs Reveal Afghan War Mass Deception

DOJ Inspector General Releases Report On FBI Conduct, Finds "Clear Abuse" Of FISA Process

IG Report Redacted for Public Release PDF

Was Comey's forest tweet pointing to the Woods Procedures?

IG Reports: to find "Comey" search on "Corney"; "Corney" as "corrupted"; Strzok does not appear at all

Q post #3585 & Project Looking Glass (high-tech project or Lewis Carroll allusion?)

Stmt by AG Barr on the IG's Report

New Film: "The Report" (the Senate's torture report, its author Daniel Jones & Q Drops 2657 & 2933)

'A constitutional crisis': the CIA turns on the Senate (Guardian article on Daniel Jones/torture report)

POTUS interview re IG

39596 17 Findings from IG Fisa Report

NJ Shooting coverage (6 dead)

Democrats unveil impeachment articles, as White House slams 'baseless and partisan' effort

Pelosi holds a press conference on USMCA trade agreement

Jason Chaffetz: IG report as damning as it gets

Attorney General Barr Calls FBI’s Trump Probe ‘Travesty’ (WSJ, Conserv. Treehouse)

AG Barr Speaks On IG Findings, Discusses His Investigation Into Russia Probe (MSNBC)

Transcript from Limbaugh on Horowitz, Barr & Durham; plus Rush's theory on what it's about

Those who do not believe QANON will be mighty surprised (Mike Scheuer)

Travis View & Alex Kaplan: responses to Mike Scheuer's support of Q

Normandy Mtg: Zelensky Has No Friends In Europe (plus anon summary)

Senate Judiciary Committee LIVE (IG Michael Horowitz testifies)

Ted Cruz on spying (not Jason Bourne but 'Beavis and Butt-head'); linked to Q drops on "Bourne"/Project DeepDream/Vorhies

Possible links between 'Finders' cult, BCCI & Maxwell sisters' Information on Demand

Digging Into The [Ghislaine] Maxwell Family (& moar on Information on Demand)

Project Looking Glass, con't

DJT's EO on anti-semitism

Proposed amendment in articles of impeachment says Ukraine received aid

Exit Poll Projects Strong Majority for Boris Johnson

QRB purpose/future/ideas

House Jud Cmte impeachment cmte adjourns wo/voting; Repubs furious

House Judiciary panel passes two articles of impeachment against Trump

Schiff called 'hypocrite' as past comments criticizing Clinton impeachment emerge

Rudy Giuliani Can Barely Contain Himself Over His Ukraine Findings

Mark Levin: 'The Next Democrat President of the United States Must Be Impeached'

Notables for 8kun /qrb/ thread #51

57 results • OlderNewerOldestNewest (#64)