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Notables for 8kun /midnightriders/ thread #265

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Children's Health Defense: The Covid Vaccine On Trial

What does a "safe and effective" vaccine look like?

Is there are connection between suppression of CV19 treatments & the need to justify vaxxes using EUA?

Lin Wood receives 1600+ page complaint from GA State Bar - Who's behind it? ANONS DIG

McConnell Uses Floor to Brutally Trash Trump Following Failed Impeachment Effort

Don Trump Jr responds to McConnell's attack Pres. Donald J Trump

Sen. Richard Burr Admits That He Violated the Constitution By Voting to Impeach Trump

FOIA docs from DIA appear to indicate it's been testing wreckage from UFO crashes (UK-Daily Mail)

Census Bureau slow-walks redistricting in fav of Dems

Melania Trump sends love to children @TehChildrensInn this Valentine's Day

Trump Lawyer Van Der Veen: ‘We Demolished Their Case'

More on NED & other funders of the Poynter Institute) with focus on the KPCB/Pandemic Prep. & Bio Defense Fund

Planefags aloft

Armoured vehicles deployed to major Myanmar cities after mass protests

Des Moines in big trouble - major, police chief and other arrested for corruption

Trump Attorney Van Der Veen RIPS CBS HACK – Then Pulls Off Mic and Walks Away! (VIDEO)

KPCB is a US/Chinese venture capital org - and AL GORE is a partner. DIG, DIG, DIG

Anon on about misspelled words in the Trump Defense brief

Boatfags afloat

Argentina's vice president pushes for delay to IMF debt deal until pandemic has eased

NYT retracts Jan 9 reports claiming that Brian Sicknick was killed by a Trump supporter

Graham says Trump is 'ready to move on and rebuild the Republican Party,' and is excited for 2022

New York Times retracts claim that Capital Police Officer was killed by Trump supporter

The next global health crisis: Guinea declares ebola outbreak w/at least three deaths

Lindsay Graham: Lara Trump biggest winner in the impeachment trial lotto

1st Calvary Division Retweet: Thank you @USAGforthood

5th Special Forces Group (Airborne): Another week half-way done! Keep up the motivation!

Notables for 8kun /midnightriders/ thread #265

27 results • OlderOldest