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Notables for 8kun /midnightriders/ thread #221

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@NotBarron1946 John Barron's twitter + anon theory

The Dis-Uniting of America thru warprd liberal social experiments

Planefag Report(s)

Joe Biden Uses First Call with Mexico’s President to Bash Trump

Bernie Sanders predicts Dems could be 'wiped out' in 2022 midterms

@AlinejadMasih, Iranian activist: Jack Dorsey giving a platform to dictators helps them to kill us

Moar violence in the Pacific Northwest

Instagram forcing Biden WH 'follows'

Standard Hotel, Bohemian Grove (Belenoff-Glamis Group) closing

FBI finds 33 missing children

ONE Khameini account closed b/c he threatened Donald Trump's life

WHO: "nasal swabs are not sufficient" AFTER 24m Americans are diagnosed using nasal swab test

Corey's Digs on Davos Schedule

Russians Protest against Putin's rule; snowball fight between protestors and police

Pfizer signs up children, aged 12 to 15, for vaccine testing

Dan the man Scavino deleted IG post

Q Research Midnight Riders World Report #9 Great Movies Great Actors! Edition Jan 24 2021

Did Donk_enby save over 70 Terabytes of user info, including Military persons, and give to biden admin? (needs confirmation)

@donk_enby #Parler data shows users moving from Trump rally to the capital on 1/6/2020 using Parler's location data

Per linked off bread sauce, South Shetland Islands experiencing seven earthquakes

Indonesia has seized tankers from Iran and Panama

@laurenboebert hits the ground running and is pushing back with three bills

Donald Trump per Beckernews via WaPo - MAGA party

15 Chinese aircraft enter Taiwan Air Defense Zone for 2nd day

Mexico's President Obrador to call Putin two days after speaking with Joe Biden, possibly re: Russian Vaccines

Teens in Urk, Netherlands protest against curfew, burn down CV testing facilty

Notables for 8kun /midnightriders/ thread #221

26 results • OlderNewerOldestNewest (#265)