(We) Are The News

About this site

The content appearing on this site is sourced from the /qresearch/ and /qrb/ image and discussion boards on 8ch.net (8chan).

These are anonymous free speech boards – we are anti-censorship and we reject political correctness.

The content that appears on this site is first posted by anons from all walks of life. Anyone is welcome to post on the board.

Notable posts (notables), hopefully with high-quality research and sources (sauce) are then collected by bakers and posted at the top of each new thread (or bread), where they make their way to this site.

QAnon or Q also posts on the /qresearch/ board. You can read all of their posts and access other resources at qmap.pub, qanon.pub and qanon.news. You can search the entire board contents using qresear.ch.

Why this site?

Have you noticed something off about CNN, other "mainstream" news sources and the Democratic party leaders lately? Like they seem to be falling apart at the seams?

This feeling is worth paying attention to, and now more than ever, people need more trustworthy sources of information.

Many stories that don't fit the mainstream media agenda also go unreported. You can usually find them here.

This is why Q says "You are the news now".

Think for yourself

This is not a site that will give you all the answers.

If someone claims they have all the answers, they are probably lying to you or trying to sell you something.

Read with a critical eye, and if desired, go discuss the news items on the board with the rest of the anons. We recommend reading (lurking) first so that you can understand the board's culture and flow.

Other things to know

As said above, we reject political correctness in all its forms, because it is a mechanism of censorship and control rather than a legitimate framework for civilized discussion.

We do not condone or support violence, hatred or any other illegal activities. In particular, mainstream media sometimes likes to claim that "8chan is for pedophiles", which is especially ironic given the subject matter which often appears on this site. Warning: this subject is not for the faint-hearted.

On this site, you may see various references to fags in the user-sourced content. This is another way to say anons and is considered a term of endearment.

Other terms to know:

  • MAGA: Make America Great Again. We're doing it.
  • MEGA: Make Earth Great Again. We're doing that too.
  • WWG1WGA: Where We Go One, We Go All. We're in this together.
  • Newfag: someone who is new to 8chan.
  • Planefag: an anon who follows the movements of planes and posts interesting items on the board.
  • Boatfag: an anon who follows the movements of boats and posts interesting items on the board.
  • Pepe: a cartoon frog. We're still not sure how he can be a racist symbol, he's green.

And finally

The creators of this site have no interest in profit or fame associated with their work.

Instead, this site was created to bring the valuable information in the notables to a wider audience and to provide a useful tool for anons.