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metal on ship hull bent outwards

US Mil Tweetfag reports

Planefag Reports bun

NXIVM trial closing arguments:

Corporate Alliances for COP21 links (Bloomberg, Climate Change, Agenda21 agenda)

Clare Bronfman to Be Charged With Additional Crimes

New Jersey, Delaware Valley Regional High School Bans, Confiscates Military Sashes At Graduation

FBI BUSTED FOR ENTRAPMENT ON 8CHAN reposted for fresh eyes

Trump: "I Think I Know" Who Was Behind 9/11 Attacks

Justice Thomas urges U.S. Supreme Court to feel free to reverse precedents

Gunshots and stampede at Toronto Raptors victory parade at Nathan Phillips Square

Pfizer raises drug prices again, rebuking Trump

Amazing dig on the CDC under Hussein

A friend of former Arkansas state Sen. Linda Collins-Smith (R) has been charged with her murder

Trump supporters line up 42 hours early for Orlando campaign rally at Amway Center

Italian PM leaves WH after meeting with VP

Dallas shooter ranted that "a storm was coming"…

Camp Taji used by coalition forces under attack

Massive Fire destroys complex in LV. also 59 yrs today similar

Human Trafficking Bust in Virginia Beach weeks after active shooter event

USA twit

Most << “Agenda 21” site:ICLEI.org >> searches yield archive results that have been purged

Israel’s Secretive Nuclear Facility Leaking as Watchdog Finds Israel Has Nearly 100 Nukes


Muslim Brotherhood now demanding an international investigation into the death of former Egyptian President Morsi, calling it a full fledged murder

ICE efforts agaist genital mutilation

Top Trump envoy backs Friedman on West Bank annexation

Norway dirt and Clean Cooking Alliance via HRC

FBI Never Saw CrowdStrike Unredacted or Final Report on Alleged Russian Hacking Because None was Produced

Introducing Nuclear Weapons to the Middle East

Poll: AOC disliked, distrusted, unwanted in her own NY district

Trump administration will announce plans to permanently withhold hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras - Reuters

Orbán: New EU Leadership Must Respect Nations and Christian Culture

Mexican Feds, DEA Raid Industrial-Scale Fentanyl Lab in Border State

Supreme Court declines to overturn exception to double jeopardy clause

Teen Vogue blasted for ‘promoting sex work’ as ‘real work’ to young girls

ROGER STONE Files Two Court Documents – BLASTS FBI and Mueller’s False Allegations that Russians Gave DNC Emails to WikiLeaks

Sotheby’s Bought By Billionaire Patrick Drahi In Surprise $3.7 Billion Deal

Iranian admiral urges ‘destabilizing’ US to leave Persian Gulf, reveals arrests of CIA-run agents

Trump: "I Think I Know" Who Was Behind 9/11 Attacks

Supreme Court Tosses Ruling Against Christian Bakers Who Refused Cake For Gay Couple

Two mothers and a civil organization have sued the US missionary for the death of their children

another DR tourist death

NXIVM was operating 11 daycares WW

planefag report

Alan Brinkley, scholar of liberalism, dead at 70

Ex wife Dr Farmer, Haiti, Clinton Foundation

Investigator hired by St. Louis Circuit Attorney in Greitens' case facing indictment

NXIVM update

What's up with Glenn Greenwald & the Intercept? (source is in Spanish or Portugeuse, call for a DIGG)

Ecuador has agreed to allow US military planes to operate from an airport on the Galapagos Islands

Crews on scene of house explosion in Ridgefield, NJ

Carter Page: Did Mueller Dossier coauthors include a former attorney for the Clinton Foundation?

Feds have paid out $160mil in 2019 (so far) for vaccine injury claims

PaPaD on Obama's mtg with previous Italian PM (NOT Salvini)

Meanwhile, what's Biden doing? (no crowds for Sleep Joe)

POTUS people lining up 40 hours before Orlando rally

US businesses want off Trump's tariff list

Dallas Shooting at Federal Courthouse

Vanderbuilt/Cooper Anderson family background

Va. house of delegates et al vs Bethune-Hillet al. appeal: US Dist Court dismissed Eastern VA (on gerrymandering)

Iran to break uranian stockpile limit set by nuclear deal

Chinese state media say Pres. Xi will make state visit to NK this week

Egypt's former president Mohammed Morsi died at age 67 during court appearance

Election Commissioner: Clinton Can Get Info From Foreigners, But How Dare Trump Think About It (MSN)

Iran says it will breach nuclear deal limits on its enriched uranium stockpile within 10 days

EQ wave from latest China "earthquake"

Netanyahu calls for 'snapback sanctions' if Iran violates nuclear deal

New DJT: "Iran to defy Uranium Stockpile Limits"

Garter Day for Queen Elizabeth

CIA Busted in Iran continued

Gloria Vanderbuilt died on June 17

Shots fired outside fed courthouse in Dallas

New [Hillary] twat

the birth of the special relationship between us and UK begin with Operation Ajax details covered in chapter 4 of the PDF attached

POTUS Minute Tweet Delta :42 JUDGEMENT DAY

This is your proof that patriots are in control

during HRC term, the State Dept was working closely w/ Norway on this

US MIL Tweetfag reports

Deutsche Bank

Gloria Vanderbilt is DEAD

Does Camp David have any prisoner cells?

Related to Q's drop about Hussein not being able to phone Kimmie directly any longer. It's all about secure comms and $$$

Quakefag Reports

Cabal launders money and operates trafficking sites by "raising the rent"

/PB/ on Organ Harvesting post

CIA Busted in Iran


anon pulls full ID screencap from FBI search warrant for 8/pol/

Democracy Protesters Adopt Christian Song ‘Sing Hallelujah to the Lord’ as Battle Cry Against Communist Regime

President Trump's Tweeties !

Huawei says U.S. ban hurting more than expected, to wipe $30 billion off revenue

Intel assessment for anons:


POTUS tweets containing [knowingly]. Follow the keyword designators…

Chinese state media say President Xi Jinping will make state visit to North Korea this week

NXIVM Trial: Sex Cult Tried to Gather Intelligence on ‘Enemies,’ Including Schumer

Quakefag reports

US MIL Tweetfag reports

‘Countdown has begun’: Iran to exceed uranium stockpile limit set by nuclear deal in 10 days