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The Senate is in recess:

Let me be clear: The voters should pick a President, and that President should select a successor to Justice Ginsburg

RBG Twitter Suspended

We have lost one of the most extraordinary Justices ever to serve on the Supreme Court. - Rape Eagle

Tom Fitton Tweet

Anons discuss lenghth shitshow 7-10 days?


FLASHBACK: Joe Biden on 6/30: "We are putting together a list of a group of African American women who are qualified and have the experience to be in the [Supreme Court]. I am not going to release until we go further down the line in vetting them as…

FLASHBACK - Jan 21, 2019 - “Strange Screen Appears Ruth Ginsburg Dead" Fox News


Tiny Dancer 02/14/2016

RBG Sex bias in the U.S. Code : a report of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights ; April 1977

Future proves past. Q Clock - Clock is turned sideways for better graph

Cor n ey Tweets

Doug Collins RIP to the more than 30 million innocent babies that have been murdered during the decades that RBG


Wray's Remarks on Q in this Testimony Before Congress

There’s plenty of time to nominate RBG replacement

Biden Statement on Passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg (vid)

White House flag at half-staff for "trailblazer" RBG

PANIC over RGB death

Enjoy The Show @USMC

PLA Friday drills not warning, but rehearsal for Taiwan takeover: Global Times editorial

RBG marathon

Lin Wood Twitter

Bangalore torpedo US ARMY

Flynn Lawyer Powell Eyed to Replace Wray at FBI

BREAKING: Amy Coney Barrett has inside track as Trump's SCOTUS nominee

Kavanagh and LG Worth Remembering Supreme Court Enemy Combatants Military Tribunals

anon bun


anon bun

Romney spox refutes claims that says the senator won't support a nominee until after Inauguration

@sfcdavidpeters USArmy: A Green Beret Soldier helocasts into a lake from a CH-47 Chinook helicopter at @JBLM_PAO

@USArmy "BOOM!"

RIP to the more than 30 million innocent babies that have been murdered during the decades that Ruth Bader Ginsburg defended pro-abortion laws. With

Lisa Murkowski says she won't vote on a justice to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg before the election: 'Fair is fair'


POTUS RESPONDS TO RBG DEATH "she lead an amazing life… She was an amazing woman" vid

Press Pool is setting up under AF1 wing. Stand by

Word of RBG reached pool about 10 minutes or so into speech. POTUS was already on the podium speaking and has not addressed her death


Dims unhabby

EXCLUSIVE: Declassified satellite imagery and intelligence data show China's stockpile of ballistic missiles

"She just died? I didn't know that.She led an amazing life, what else can you say?” Trump says per pooler

Citizens Group Demands Investigation Into Fauci, NIAID For Conspiring With Communist China Over Development of Coronavirus Bioweapon

If they even TRY to replace RBG we burn the entire fucking thing down. -Sedition

Statement by Attorney General William P. Barr on the Passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Rinos attacking

The Court must be at a full compliment should any election disputes such as Bush v Gore occur

BREAKING: A high-level Romney insider tells me Mitt Romney has committed to not confirming a Supreme Court nominee until after Inauguration Day 2021

20 SCOTUS NOMS ( spelling errors included)

POTUS Says He Would 'Absolutely' Fill A Supreme Court Vacancy Before November August 11, 2020

RBG and Margaret Sanger 07/23/2020

Daniel Andrews' plan to give police the power to arrest people who haven't even committed an offence were put to parliament today


Yesterday's rally in WI: POTUS mentions the wheel and the wall…Computers obsolete 12 days later…September 29th?


The Senate and the nation mourn the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the conclusion of her extraordinary American life. - Cocaine Mitch

Lights, Camera, Action @USMC

Trump Administration Asks Supreme Court to Overturn Decision Requiring Illegal Immigrants in Census


Here are all the Q posts that mention RBG

Federal Prosecutors Guarantee Lev Parnas and Co-Conspirators More Fraud Charges

White House pool on POTUS not yet commenting on RBG


2 yr delta

"The US Is Deploying More Troops to Syria Increase in troop presence comes after US confrontations with Russian and Syrian forces"

Coulter - Red Alert

RBG- "The Age of Consent For Sexual Acts Must Be lowered To Age12Years Old"

CARD Team Develops Checklist to Aid Searches for Missing Autistic Children

HRC Tweets

Lindsey Graham in 2018: "If an opening comes in the last year of President Trump's term, and the primary process has started, we'll wait to the next election. And I've got a pretty good chance of being the Judiciary (chairman). Hold the tape."


University Suspends HAMBEAST Professor For Viral Video Wishing Trump Supporters Would ‘Die Before The Election’

Bret Baier: She was an inspiration

QClock - Q-727, which only says "Ruth Bader Ginsburg"

Be a part of history - visit a Classic Salt Mine Thread


White House announces an $13 billion aid package for Puerto Rico three years after Hurricane Maria but days after Joe Biden courts Puerto Rican voters in Florida

RBG posts

FBI sex crimes investigator reportedly contributed to launching Hillary Clinton email probe @FBI

Authorities ID body of man found burning in Jasper County ditch


Netflix Responds To Arrest Of Alleged Child Pornographer Jerry Harris: ‘Any Abuse Of Minors Is A Terrible Crime’

'We're going to fill it': Republicans ready for any Supreme Court vacancy

#BREAKING: Schumer: Ruth Bader Ginsburg seat should be filled by next president

Is Chief Justice John Roberts a Democrat Sleeper Judge?

Considering Democrat plan to contest election regardless of the result, and potential for the legal cases to go to SCOTUS, Trump has to nominate, and McConnell has to confirm, an RBG replacement BEFORE the election Cannot leave possibility of 4-4…

Video: Fox News report the death of RBG

POTUS Says He Would 'Absolutely' Fill A Supreme Court Vacancy Before November

Anon's Side x Side on Q Post, POTUS SC List and RBG's death

Tucker already talking about Amy Coney Barrett as RBG's replacement

RGB: A Quick Overview on Filling of Vacancies

POTUS Comms? Wendy's

California Crackdown On Benefits Fraud Sparks 72% Plunge In Pandemic Jobless Claims

POTUS: I'd been in DC 17 times. 17 times'

Hold the line Riders, Justice is coming. A new Supreme Court Justice?

Kek: /pol/ predicted RGB's death this week

Ginsburg died of complications from metastatic pancreatic cancer, the court said

Latest Notables

Crowdsourced from anons • More info