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US Pushing Japan's PM Suga To Issue Joint Taiwan Statement With Biden

Bain joins CVC in Toshiba bid, with KKR also in the running

George Floyd's girlfriend was Daunte Wright's teacher, relative says

Kim Potter, a 26-year veteran of the Brooklyn Center Police Department, will be charged with second-degree manslaughter

Powell: QE taper likely "well before" interest rate increase

Boatfag Report

If the Maricopa County audit reveals a Trump win (less than 11,000 votes) in Arizona

Pelosi’s House Democrat Margin Shrinks as Republican Representative Sworn In

Kamala Harris to travel to Mexico and Guatemala amid ongoing migrant crisis

CHAUVIN TRIAL UPDATE: Medical expert testifies that George Floyd died from sudden cardiac arrest brought on by heart disease and drugs during restraint by police

Ford, GM, Other Michigan Companies Denounce State Senate Voting Bills

Rigged till the end: "Wall Street Took The Win, Again": Snapshot Summary Of Big Bank Earnings

New Mike Pompeo w/CAPs: visit to Liberty University and equity for Africa summit

Coinbase Is Indicated to Open at $340 in Nasdaq Debut

Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff has died in a federal prison

Wells Fargo profit beats estimates as bank frees reserve funds

Eyes to the skies

Pelosi Book Excerpt: Speaker Would Not Have Been Elected to Congress in 1987 Without Tricking Republicans into Voting for Her

Fauci & FDA’s Woodcock Responsible for Hundreds of Thousands of American Deaths for Smearing HCQ

Bloomberg reporters tailed by CCP security when investigating solar panel factories in China

Chuck Woolery: As long as rioters don't have to pay a price for rioting, it will continue

Still no infor on the officer who killed Ashli Babbitt, but lots on the officer who killed Duante Wright in less than 3 days

McInerney coverage of BLM demonstrations starts here

Rufo on Santa Clara Co Dept of Ed denouncing US & trying to recruit students as activists

Top Trump Admin Official Praises Biden For Adopting ‘Nearly All’ Of His Predecessor’s China Policies

Supreme Court to Ninth Circuit: We Mean What We Say on Religious Liberty

Wall Street, Corporations Team Up with Soros-Funded Group to Pressure States Against Election Reforms

Moar O'Keefe on CNN

@TheCVN69 Ain't no party like a flight deck party

Toshiba president to step down on Wed

Coinbase reference price for listing is set at US$250 by Nasdaq

ERCOT Urges Texans To Conserve Power As Another Cold Blast Sparks Grid 'Emergency'

Hong Kong Epoch Times Vows to Never Give Up After Attack on Printing Press

22 Republican State Attorneys General Argue Congress Making D.C. a State Is Unconstitutional

Joe Comms….All of Joe's tweet timestamps so far today equal 17


Japan to start releasing Fukushima water into sea in 2 years

Credit Suisse offers big blocks of Discovery, iQIYI shares related to Archegos

The Bee: Minneapolis City Council To Offer Looting Passports

Authorities will give "major" update in Kristin Smart case

Rep. Ashley Hinson seeks to revive Trump's deregulation executive orders

Veritas: on Gaetz/CNN

America's Future | General Michael Flynn / April 12, 2021

Google ex-CEO Eric Schmidt Calls for Full Communism

Texas Bill Will Label Parents Getting Sex Change Hormones and Surgeries for Their Children as Child Abuse

Moar deets re: A truck filled with highly radioactive material was stolen from a Mexican town in an armed heist

Aluminum Jumps to Highest Since 2018 on Strong China Trade Data

Iran vows to start 60% uranium enrichment in breach of nuclear deal

EU to Lay Out $1 Trillion Debt Plan to Start Rivaling Treasuries

Packing the Supreme Court means "Blowing up the Constitution!" | Tom Fitton /sky is blue btw

HERE WE GO – The head of NATO issues ultimatum to Russia to withdraw from Ukraine’s border!


NCAA ‘unequivocally supports’ transgender athletes participating in women's sports and will pull championships from states that disagree

Scientific American to begin using term 'climate emergency,' says it 'agreed with major news outlets worldwide' to do so

Authorities in Egypt have impounded a megaship that blocked the Suez Canal, negotiations were still taking place

Credit Suisse identifies $2.3 billion of exposed assets in Greensill-linked funds

Grassley: It’s time we examine the need for Section 230 immunity

Durham back in the news cycle

CM: The world is watching Maricopa county

Georgia Judge Now Reportedly Preventing Access to Actual Ballots in Upcoming Audit

PROJECT VERITAS: CNN Director Admits Network Engaged in ‘Propaganda’ to Remove Trump From Presidency

Pompeo: I said back in May that there was enormous evidence the Wuhan virus spread from a lab leak. The Left scoffed at this statement

Russia has claimed new slices of the continental shelf in the Arctic Ocean in two fresh submissions to the United Nations

"This Is A Fatal Event": China's Bond Market Hammered After Huarong Bankruptcy Rumors

DC Flooding/DC Water has installed about a dozen automated flushing devices (autoflushers) on hydrants throughout the District

GOLD Eyes on the Skys

Rouble recovery gains pace after Biden-Putin phone call

Biden to withdraw all U.S. forces from Afghanistan by Sept. 11, 2021, the 20th anniversary of attacks that drew U.S. into war there

Crispr mangles DNA it wasn't supposed to touch

Oracle billionaire Larry Ellison tells staff he is going to tear down $80million Florida mansion he just bought

45: "The Biden Administration did a terrible disservice to people throughout the world by allowing the FDA and CDC to call a 'pause' in the use of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine."

Margin Debt Has Exploded by 49 Percent in One Year to $814 Billion. The Actual Figure May Be in the Trillions. Here’s Why

U.S. health officials are recommending Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine not be used

Russia Warns US Warships To Stay Far Away From Crimea "For Their Own Good"-zh

Austria follows Italy as governments resume ultra-long issuance-reuters

Nomura Tightens Leverage For Some Hedge Funds Clients As ECB Starts Asking Questions (moar Archegos fallout)-zh

U.S. consumer prices increase solidly in March

Nancy Pelosi Turns on AOC, The Squad

DeSantis: "We are witnessing an Orwellian big tech corporate media collusion."

Pompeo tweet: chess positions indicate White's turn, both opponents have moved 5x = 5:5

US Official Contradicts Biden on Illegal Immigrant Surge in Court Filing

Will Smith pulls filming of “Emancipation” out of Georgia, cites the state’s [NEEDED] election reform

Anons on infectious prions in diseases & possible link to mRNA prion mutations

Planefags aloft

Gov. Ron DeSantis Hangs ’Florida Uses E-Verify’ Signs on All Highways into Sunshine State

The Brooklyn Center, MN police department has taken down the ‘Thin Blue Line’ flag from their flagpole at police station

Portland Andy livestream

Statement on Supremes from 45

Brooklyn Center City Council approves resolution banning crowd control tactics during protests, rubber bullets & tear gas

Gen. McInerney posting for the second night in a row on BLM/antifa riots in dif cities....posted just now that they're armed

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell Announces He's Launching 'MyStore,' a Patriotic Rival to Amazon

World Economic Forum Wants You to Wear a Microchip-Powered Smart Mask That Tells You When You’re Allowed to Have Fresh Air-humansarefree.com

Belgium Must Lift ‘All COVID-19 Measures’ Within 30 Days, Brussels Court Rules-brusselstimes

Biden’s Cyber Nominee Is On Board Of Think Tank Founded By Spygate Professor Stefan Halper-dailycaller

Japan decides to release water from Fukushima nuclear plant into sea-mainichi.jp

CCP Virus Variant Affects Vaccinated People More Than Unvaccinated People: Study” [South African variant]-epochtimes plus vid linky

Ulta Beauty Inc. sold by Chanel, Inc: $139.29m-Apr 6,7,8,9

Subpoenaing the Brookings Institution, Durham Focuses on Trump-Russia Dossier-nytimes

pf reports

'Extremely Dangerous' Radioactive Material Stolen In "Violent" Truck Robbery

Latest Notables

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