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Crowdsourced from 8chan • More info

Anons check out Wiki write up on Qanon, edits

Asia Stocks Set for Worst Day of Year as FX Meets Trade

Change DNS from Cloudflare

CM on blockchain

Biden offers sympathy for the ‘tragic events in Houston today and also in Michigan

Central Ohio Socialist Rifle Association Betts/buds pic

U.S. Rep. Kenny Marchant will not seek reelection, founding member of the House Tea Party Caucus, Texas’ 24th Congressional District

Mika Brzezinski: 'Our job' is to control 'what people think'

@USArmy Signal Support


Douglas Kramer, Cloudflare general counsel and a former lawyer in President Obama’s White House

Taliban-US Talks in Qatar Feature No Third-Party Attendees

PAC for ‘The Squad’ Launches Facebook Ads Hitting DCCC Over Diversity Fiasco

Hong Kong's Lam Won't Resign

Sex Cult Founder, Alleged Followers Tied To Experimental Schools For Children Still Operating Internationally

Night of the Living Bread!

Earlier report? Cloudflare: company has no plans to stop working with 8chan

From El Paso to Antifa to LA: America the Insane


BO: To the archivists... Did you make sure you archive everything on the hour?

John of God (mp4)

UN Plans New Global Censorship Push to Combat “Hate Speech”

(video) TLDW: John of God reference posted last night

The Two Things That Raise Eyebrows About the El Paso Shooting

Twitter Suspends Account Linked to Ohio Shooter

BREAKING: #HongKong airport cancels 100 flights amid ongoing protests - report

POTUS Scheduled for Monday, August 5, 2019

How do I get rid of Cloudflare?

Cloudflare drops 8chan as a client after mass shootings, calling it ‘a cesspool of hate’

'Texas law enforcement appear to have thwarted yet another mass shooting, taking a suspect into custody on Thursday

Habbening Timeline

(video) El Paso woman says 3-4 shooters in play, not a lone gunman

(video) El Paso Shooter's Father Was a Therapist Tied to John of God

Over on 4chan someone linked shooter to the Central Ohio SOCIALIST Rifle Association

Meet the people behind Cloudflare

Update from CM

Dayton shooter was Antifaggot and Satanist!!!

Cloudfare raised 150 Million in May and put new board members on from the NIKE FOUNDATION

All our domains have been removed from cloudflare

Posted by [email protected]: All our domains have been removed from cloudflare, so we will be moving to another service asap. Please excuse any downtime as we migrate to the new service

Complete Q archive (anons, ARCHIVE OFFLINE)

Our Story-How Cloudflare Began

article from March 12th, 2019 On Baltimore crime stats

anon submits Q proof: Cloud cloud enough is enough

Democratic Socialists of America convention explodes with complaints of 'sensory overload' and gendered pronouns

(2 days ahead of schedule)

CNN producer was follower of el paso shooter

anon says "in other news so what?" on 8ch shut down threats and safeguards in place


Twitter is aiding and abetting Antifa by trying to hide this important evidence of the Dayton Ohio terrorist

anon submits q proof, speculates declass in the winter

Anons respond to Cloudflare news

Breaking: Cloudflare CEO @eastdakota tells me the company is cutting off 8chan's access to its DDOS protection service after all, a big reversal from earlier in the day

Breaking: Cloudflare CEO @eastdakota says the company is cutting off 8chan's access to its DDOS protection service at midnight tonight

Terminating Service for 8Chan 05 Aug 2019 by Matthew Prince-this first and on own(big fan of firsts)

POTUS Ohio and Texas tweet re-do Delta references Q_2145

anon dig on Victoria's Secret early days suicide attached to Les Wexner

Jeff Bezos' yacht spotted of the coast of Turkey

sex cult founder nxivm tied to experimental schools still operating internationally

FEDS say they thwarted a mass shooting plot in lubbock, tx-2 days ago but significant

37253 Just who is the El Paso shooter?

Feds Say They Have Thwarted a Mass Shooting Plot In Lubbock, Texas

DoD Tweet- Marines conduct a simulated amphibious assault during #TalismanSabre 19 in Bowen, Australia

El Paso The shooting was reported at 10:39 a.m. cst 12:39 est

LastRefuge on IMF blaming America's strong economy for forcing them to devalue their currency

Posobiec and Cernovich's best buddy-Ali Alexander

The word "HOT" is often used in the context of Intel Ops

In other news…corporations still poisoning Americans for profit

US Army Tweet- High Performance Leader Program

El Paso Mayor won't attack Trump

DOJ Expected To Release Bruce Ohr 302 Reports, Other Documents This Week

Celebrities accused of hypocrisy for attending #Glock handgun inventor’s birthday

July2019 Q events calendar, majors listed in text by date thru 8/4

UPDATE: At least 16 killed, 21 injured in #explosion at Cancer Institute in #Cairo - reports

Neil deGrasse Tyson gets called out for being ‘the smug counterfactual guy’ after mass-shooting tweet

Retweets and screencaps show shooter was Antifa supporter, Anti ICE, Anti Homeland Security et

32nd anniversary of Matthew Broderick's killing two irish women and got away with it

UAE Customs Seize Batch of 274,000 Pills of 'Jihadist Drug' Captagon

Evacuations Ordered After Explosion at Hotel Near Nashville International Airport; Multiple Injuries Reported

AP still using FBI photo of Patrick Crusius


Lamborghinis, Burkas, Sex Party Invites & ‘Chop Chop Square’: A NY Lawyer’s 15 Yrs In The Middle East

POTUS Remarks on recent happenings upon leaving Jersey

After Mass Killings, Cycle of Hate Grows On Social Media. It Needs To Stop

July News Calendar

The Socialist Rifle Association: Anons DIGG!!

NRA issues stmt on shootings in El Paso & Dayton

Thomas Flohr > Philippe Sebastien De Salis > Lloyd George Mgmt > Joseph Misfud

Despite recent events [FFs?], STAY FOCUSED ANONS (espec. on attacks against Q/8chan)

Dayton terrorist Conner Betts was a self-described “leftist” and Antifa supporter

Edward Snowden wants to fight back against corporate surveillance

Police responding to explosion at hotel next to Nashville Int'l Airport

Connor Betts' tattoo looks like Bantha from Star Wars; also wearing red shoes

Presidential Message on the 229th Birthday of the United States Coast Guard

@USMC Muddin'

Iran Seizes Another Foreign Tanker in Gulf (Breitbart)

El Paso shooter's dad worked for mental health system with leadership tied to Parkland bun

Fox Corp to take over lender Credible Labs for $397 million

Anons look for symbolism in recent shooting events

Triangle Spaghetti factory / Eliza Gauger diggz

Latest Notables

Crowdsourced from 8chan • More info