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Washington State woman's lawsuit claims Craigslist, major hotel chains implicated in child sex trafficking

Preet Bharara commentary re: real reason he's gone and banking quid pro quo

DoD - cyberspace operations ensure any adversary will be twarted

WH Advent calendar - Dignity and brotherhood of man which Christmas Day signifies

Yellow Vest Protest Live

Ceremony link for USS Kennedy christening

Elite Russian spies' Unit 29155 alleged to have used French Alps region as logistical base

The USN's newest aircraft carrier, USS John F. Kennedy (CVN 79), will be christened today

Anon theory on Q #3654 connecting Schiff to shooting [Ds 1-6]

Indian Bank implicated in scam - at least 8 depositors dead in the last couple of months

Yesterday's DoD Cyber Command tweet - election fraud caught? Anon theory

Executive Order 13796, April 29, 2017, Trump reviewing quid pro quo (and others) trade agreements (2017)

POTUS has implemented Business Intelligence graphs for all of the spending data

Recent posts on QRB re Anthony Comello and his lawyer Robert C. Gottlieb

Ukraine Was The Origin Of The Trump-Russia Collusion Hoax

SWA1625 on ADS showing at 41k ft (Southwest Air)

Vector Group Ltd sold by 10% owner Frost Gamma Investments:$71.87m- Dec 4

resignations in the news 12/5

US Army It's all about the SMOKE SCREENS

POTUS tweeted “STOP” multiple times. Coincidence it’s the day before our Q Clock starts 12/7? (Q drop 370)

Photos Surface of CNN President Zucker’s Wife at Multiple Parties with Jeffrey Epstein’s Lady Pimp

Saudi shooters twitter manifesto

full DJT tweet storm, to this point at least

new DJT rt's

Six Saudis Taken Into Custody After Saudi Military Member Shoots Up U.S. Military Base, Reports Say

resignations in the news 12/3

50+ officers raid mental health hospital in Georgia after patient found in freezer

anon on plane departures and bomb threat-45th Space Wing tweet and ADS grabs

POTUS Schedule for Saturday, December 7 and Sunday, December 8, 2019

BlackRock, Vanguard (and other big names) apply for mutual fund licenses In China-reports

@USMC Riders on the Storm

anon on Schiff/M. Alshamrani/R.Rojas

"Watch the water"-Tweet from Rhode Island Treasury Department suggests fuckery with water supply

Anon takes cap letters from Q, check out what it spells

anon on Pelosi "out for blood…"

House GOPers Urge Senate Leaders to Require Campaigning Democrats to Recuse from Impeachment Trial

DISGRACEFUL! Pope Francis Compares US President Trump to King Herod Who Slaughtered Baby Boys During the Time of Christ

tomorrow #USNavy christens its newest aircraft carrier, the future #USSJohnFKennedy

Larp bun just in case there's meat in there

Bomb threat report briefly shuts down Patrick Air Force base in Florida

What's with STOP in DJTs tweets tonight?

Judge Sides With Judicial Watch, Forcing Secret Barack Obama FBI-Clinton Collusion Communications To Be Released

SCOTUS rejects Trump admin request to resume federal executions

As Rep Massie predicted: Congress will extend warrantless data collection (normalizes mass surveillance)

Ukraine connection to Project Cassandra

DIGG call for string in Q Post #3653

Sweden's Ericsson to pay over $1bn to settle US corruption probe

Iran says Israel testing nukes

Saudi king orders security services to cooperate with U.S. in probe of Florida shooting

one of Qs twatter links deleted they twat

Removal of Fukushima Melted Fuel to Begin in 2021

Ratcliffe Reveals The Real Reason Why Schiff Won’t Release Key Transcript

Weinstein violated conditions of prison released (tampering with monitor)

New DJTs - Student aid/Black colleges, Nadler, Fake News/DJT personal cell phone, World Bank+China

Two Major China Firms Just Missed $526 MILLION In Bond Payments

Coast Guard, Navy Boats Collide in Alaska; 9 Injured

Schiff has sent a letter to Vice President Pence, asking admin to declas Jennifer Williams' testimony to impeachment investigators

Syria Update

Don’t do Disney or Disney May do you Kid

Rep. Doug Collins submits several witness requests to Nadler

DJT Tweet(s): Ready to Declare Cartels Terrorists

Rep. Movita Johnson-Harrell Accused / Rep. Duncan Hunter Will Resign

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Temporary Hold on Trump Financials Release

Record Setting ICE Season

nYT and NBC change their links ( >>>/projectdcomms/95 )

Moar Epstein Victims

Tweets Consolidated

Q/Shootings Digg

USMC Tweet: "Stay the course" /q correlation

[D][1-6] graphics


British diplomat resigns over having to 'peddle half-truths' on Brexit

Former Vice editor gets nine years in prison for recruiting young drug mules for massive cocaine smuggling ring

Police Break Up Crime Ring Smuggling NUCLEAR MATERIALS in Europe

Bombshell Report: The Fed Has Not Rejected One Bank Merger Application Out of 3800 Submitted in Past 11 Years

anon FISA doc page 20 re: timing

Q analysis of grammar/pic

Ukrainian Fugitive Who Claimed to Have Dirt on Biden Firm Is Arrested


MBAfag Take on Saudi Aramco IPO

BREAKING: Evacuations ordered in the immediate area due to a reported bomb threat at Patrick Air Force Base in Florida

French Protesters Brave Debilitating Injuries, Lost Eyes as Millions March to Oust Soros-Puppet Macron

videos by Al-Qaeda preacher who inspired #LondonBridge attacker still online

Republicans In Congress Who Are Not Seeking Reelection In 2020

John Kerry Joins Joe Biden, Kerry touts Biden as Messianic /"Save the world" vid

QDS Q derangement syndrome

Aramco stocks seem to show that the cabal artificially blew up the stock market

J.C. Penney Lender Seeks to Offload $800 Million Piece of Loan

NYPD cop injured by razor blade stuffed inside his sandwich

Rudy twat: a large scale joint investigation into Ukraine and the US would uncover and recover billions stolen by crooks would be the most effective way to bring our two countries together

@realDonaldTrump King Salman of Saudi Arabia just called to express his sincere condolences, greatly angered by the barbaric actions of the shooter, and that this person in no way shape or form represents the feelings of the Saudi people

Judge Drops Six Charges Against David Daleiden for Exposing Planned Parenthood Baby Part Sales

Another Freshman Democrat Underwater by 12 Points, 52% of District Will Vote Against Her If She Supports Sham Impeachment

JW: Court Denies FBI Effort to Block Release of Secret Records About FBI-Clinton Lawyer Meeting on Russia

dod 17 sec vid

Europeans will not invoke trigger a mechanism that could lead to the re-imposition of United Nations sanctions against Tehran

New FBI vault drop on HRC

Camp Pendleton Marine accused of trying to smuggle migrants through the San Ysidro Port of Entry

Xi Jinping set to make first state visit to Japan in April

Republican John McGuire, a former Navy SEAL, local small business owner and Delegate for Virginia’s 56th district, announced his candidacy for Congress in VA-07

Latest Notables

Crowdsourced from anons • More info