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Dead President Walking Screencap

DOJ statement in response to tonight’s NYT story on John Bolton and Attorney General Barr

Fly Eyes

@USArmy How do Mountain Soldiers get through the winter?

Come join #Iranian #Canadians ??rally in #Toronto in support of #IranProtests #FreeIran

Qlocks for today

POTUS Schedule for Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Australian shares drop and global markets take a hit amid virus spread fears

Potus twat caps

2012 and 2013 Coronavirus infections

GAIN from DOE hint: nuclear

Esper Won't Rule Out Troop Drawdown in Africa as France Urges Troops to Stay

Reminder: Navy Exercise Citadel Shield-Solid Curtain 2020 takes place Feb. 3-14

US stops all weapon deliveries to Iraq, citing security concerns – Air Force spokesman

Boats Ahoy

Former Bolton Chief Of Staff Urges Him To Delay Book Until After Election

MS and Marina Abromovic, EVIL TEAM

Idea: Kobe, Nicholson, Dicaprio & The Standard Hotel?

Bolton story part of the plan?

Jerusalem Post's newest story on "Deal of the Century"

Boatfag checks the Coronavirus plague ship arrival

Abe taps reflationist Adachi to replace Harada on BOJ board

A&P anon addendum A&P anon's to earlier analysis

Dershowitz: Bolton allegations would not constitute impeachable offense

DOJ hires as "broad investigation" into big tech firms accelerates

Planefag Reports

Republican Peach Mint Defense Highlights

Warren: Dersh’s argument is contrary to both law & fact

USA Today: Trump’s team tries to put Bidens on trial

Update on yuge increase in POTUS' twitter followers

Kek: Potential jurors tossed for bashing Avenatti

Peachmint schedule for the week

On 'no deals': Did Dersh get his early?

Twitter trends: Dersh reaches #4

Heli digs cont

State Dept. apparently bars NPR reporter from Pompeo plane

Coronavirus Watch

Dersh up to bat IV

Dersh up to bat III

Notable sunset on the cabal coming!

On the Biden's featuring in the impeachment hearing

Moar heli digs

Dersh up to bat II

Doug Collins expected to announce a run for the Senate

Watch: Ratcliffe, Meadows et al deconstruct the Bolton Maneuver

On today's SC victory

Planefag Updates

Nicki Minaj's brother gets 25 to life for child rape

Durham announces appointment of new Criminal Chief

Heli: the missing black box (needs to be confirmed missing)

Dersh up to bat

Sessions takes HUGE 21-point lead in Alabama Senate race

Hunter doesn't want to open his kimono

Electronic health records vendor to pay $145mm to resolve investigations

NTSB: FBI assisting with crash evidence

Over 175,000 tickets requested for POTUS rally in New Jersey, Tuesday

Coronavirus Watch

SCOTUS: Newcomers to US must be financially self-sufficient

An Algerian military jet crashed late on Monday

What force is actively deployed in SA?

Sandy Hook news

Syria Update

Additional / alternative notables bun for #10153

Watch Pam Bondi DROPPING A MOAB ON Joe & Hunter at impeachment hearing

A&PAnon gives his thoughts on the heli crash

Lindsay Graham tweet about Burisma tsumani

Oversight News: Protecting Those Who Blow the Whistle on Government

Q's posts on the 2018 LA heli crash in Schiff's district

Republican Peach Mint Defense Highlights Bun: Mon Jan 27 2020

Q's watch marker: Today is the 27th

Eric Herschmann, Honorary Highest Ranking Anon Never heard of him until today, was he the stealth bomber? Because it sure looks like he just leveled the House Managers case just now

Pam Bondi clip

45 minute break

Eric Herschmann literally just presented a case to impeach Obama

Obama hot mic introduced as evidence

Herschmann just as tough as Bondi

Herschmann is killin itt!!!!!

Schumer shilling for CDC to getting emergency funds ($85M) to Rosenstien's sister

Kobe crash stats

14:53 minutes of the lovely Pam Bondi delivering PAIN to the Quid Pro Joe Cartel vid

CNBC: Hunter Biden agrees to pay child support to Arkansas woman

Fox News just did a tearful 5 minute salute to Kobe, during the Joe Biden / Ukraine disclosures. We're starting to learn who our friends and who our enemies are, aren't we?

Peach Mint Defense Highlights: Mon Jan 27 2020: page 3 Sekulow, Purpura

Peach Mint Defense Highlights: Mon Jan 27 2020: page 4 Sekulow, Philbin PAGE 6

@paulsperry BLACKOUT: CBS, ABC & NBC–all regulated by the FCC–are NOT giving equal time to covering lawyers arguing in defense of Trump

Fitton twat: MOAB

Fly Eyes

Rubini twat: Pam is a Warrior

Biden Video, where he talks about his Quid Pro Quo with Ukraine

Goddamn she perfectly laid-out the backstory

They're playing the Biden vid!

Bondi's playing THE CLIP!!!!!!!!


Pam Bondi dropping bombs! WWG1WGA

"Buybacks Secured": Boeing Obtains $12 Billion Financing From Over Dozen Banks

Anons, Hunter is on trial right now. Listen to the damage.Wow

Burisma/Cyprus you say?

she took the stage and started talking about Biden, Heinz, and I choked on a popcorn!

Oh shit Pam brought in Biden / China

Dems brought the Bidens and Burisma into this impeachment. Bondi is now going through all of the "debunked" information

Latest Notables

Crowdsourced from anons • More info