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Crowdsourced from anons • More info

Anyone know when this is from?

St. Louis aldermen endorse 18-hour aircraft surveillance

Dan Scavino posted this to his Insta page -was later deleted

Bun of anon drops of Trump mp4s

Hawaii GOP on the "Q" Phenomena

Heavy ashfall in Kozyrevsk after strong paroxysmal event at Klyuchevskoy volcano, Russia

They're doing it to reinforce the idea of an ongoing war that barkeep is the hero of. (decide for yourself)

Lin Wood secretly joins zoom call and records it. This is priceless

Never seen it discussed here. Anonup? Anyone?

The greatest dilemma ever faced by an incoming Presidential Press Sec

HEY BV, DO I GIVE A FUCK (namefags gonna namefag)

Barkeep is a the MNR infiltration Q has warned us about

Stargate Collection: Analysis and Assessment of Gateway Process, 9 June 1983

More on Castle Rock city

Ted Cruz Twitter war with Disgusting Hollywood communist Pedophile Seth Rogen

The Vermont school teacher who made Bernie Sanders’ mittens, featured in the most recent viral meme, said she had to stop making them after the federal government taxed her too much

San Clemente: The Navy’s Secretive Training Island Off the California Coast

Plane Reporting

@donwinslow Threatening A bigger threat. (just so they have more time to make up more shit)

Anon SOAPBOX, Anons stop this stupid talk we have all the power we need to start boycotting big tech


New entry into dictionary this year: Bidened = Buyer’s remorse

Instagram Is Forcing Users to Follow Biden White House Account So That It’s Not So Pathetic Even When Users Repeatedly Un-Follow the Page

@thehill Authorities investigating explosion at Los Angeles church http://hill.cm/StTfhb3

Patriot Party by 2024 Time stamp 23:23:23

Buh Bye GOP We will not tolerate a token, opposition party in the bag for the DNC

Anon opines three scripts

@nytimes President Biden is perhaps the most religiously observant commander in chief in half a century, said Satan

Rockefellers Toss A Housewarming—In 9 Installments and then the rain came (1975)

Scavinos insta story

U.S., Israel sign $38 billion military aid package (2016)

The Senate trial of former President Donald Trump will begin on Feb. 9

Remarks by Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy on an Untrue Report by American Media on China-US High-level Meeting

Vatican bank's former chief found guilty of money laundering, sentenced to nearly 9 years in prison

PF reports

Governors pull National Guard from D.C. amid parking garage incident

Epstein Pedopilot

Self nom, agreed. Military is in control

Saudi TV says missile or drone intercepted over Riyadh

Morgan Stanley CEO Gorman Hauls In $33 Million In 2020

Red buttons

Hirono: Goal of Impeachment to Hold Trump Accountable, Stop Him from Ever Seeking Elected Office Again

Obvious bait is obvious, Don't respond to shills

FEARPORN of all out war between China and the United States have surged after Beijing passed a new law permitting its coast guard to open fire on foreign vessels in Chinese claimed waters

One of world’s most wanted drug barons – billionaire Tse Chi Lop, 56, dubbed Asia’s El Chapo, and aka The Grandfather – was arrested in the Netherlands on Friday

Samanage was SolarWinds’ first acquisition of an Israeli company

CBS LA: 33 missing children rescued in Los Angeles trafficking operation, says FBI

WaPo goes full NewSpeak: To understand Trump’s support, we must think in terms of multiracial Whiteness

5.5-magnitude quake hits Papua New Guinea, USGS says

USArmy: One team, one fight! Flag of United States

Now that Biden is p-resident, we get to buy the "cures" to pneumonia related diseases…

Clinton Foundation Whistleblower Library

The Strawman Shaman does his strawman job

Anon nom: Meteorite in Chile

Proclamation on the Termination Of Emergency With Respect To The Southern Border Of The United States And Redirection Of Funds Diverted To Border Wall Construction

Trying to get Ghosts into the Machines…

Couch: EXCLUSIVE: MELTDOWN! FBI Admits it Now Has 20,000 Pages and Seth Rich Laptop After Years of DENIAL

Clinton Foundation Financial Investigators/Whistleblowers: We are filing some major Motions this coming week

Inauguration Mystery girls disappear and reapppear during swearing in ceremony

Larry King has died at 87

Checkmate: Twitter users are digging around on Twitter's algo

Klinesmith related court docs

Facebook Fascists Disable All Commenting on New “Patriot Party” Page

Anon correction: I wasn't continuing the dig. I was pointing out that the previous Notable was a shill-narrative smokescreen

Amazon's Bezos opposes mail-in ballots for company union vote

Most of Rose McGowan’s Claims Against Weinstein and His Lawyers Dismissed by Judge

Bohemian Grove Divestiture: Belenoff-Glamis Group Int./Rosebel Ind. sold all interest in Monte Rio property

They're saying lots of false positives. They're saying now we can reduce those. They're saying a lot of shit…

Rumors are flowing: Trump and Justice Dept. Lawyer Said to Have Plotted to Oust Acting Attorney General

Man charged in Capitol riot was ‘following the schedule Alex Jones’ promoted

CDC and UK health orgs quietly changes Covid vaccine guidance to OK mixing Pfizer and Moderna shots in ‘exceptional situations’

Australian Federal Police raid Queensland properties linked to shutdown of DarkMarket website

Infowars: Democrat NGO’s To Direct Military / CIA & FBI In Purge of Conservatives

US Capitol protester charged with threatening to ‘assassinate’ AOC

DOUGLAS MURRAY: The Left can't stop fawning over Joe Biden but I fear this won't end well for America… or Britain

The Sun: "President Donald Trump Used Brighter Gold Curtains". KEK!

Rush Issues Dire Prediction: 2022 Isn't Going to Save Us, 'Wake the Hell Up'

FBI launches investigation after bomb is thrown at anti-LGBT church in California weeks after pastor received arson attack threat and locals called its teachings hate speech

Overweight and healthy is a big fat lie, obesity study finds

Walter Bernstein, once-blacklisted screenwriter of 'The Front,' dead at 101

Gab Deactivates Its Twitter Account

Did Joe get the covid? Express.co asking questions about Biden's health

USAToday kicks the fake news qanon strawman around

GOP Rep. Paul Gosar Calls for Investigation After Democrats Order 5,000 National Guard Members from US Capitol to Sleep in Cold DC Parking Garage in Dead of Winter

‘This Needs To Happen’: Megyn Kelly Joins Calls For Janice Dean To Challenge Gov. Andrew Cuomo

Antarctica bombshell: NASA baffled after snapping ‘something rising above ice

Grassley Wants To Know How DOJ Found ‘No Wrongdoing’ In Michael Flynn Leak Probe

Petition to Reinstate @realDonaldTrump to twitter

REPORT: Joe Biden Rode Record-Breaking ‘Dark Money’ Donations Into The White House

Planefag reports

Former Iranian Hostage Slams Biden’s Iran Envoy Pick

SLI Compliance 'certifies" Dominion Voting machines also 'tests and certifies' HealthCare IT

Vatican: Pope to Miss Events Due to New Flare up of Leg Pain

Epoch: #Twitter did nothing to stop #Antifa planning and promoting #Riots in #Portland and #Seattle weeks in advance, according to Journalist

Media plays Red Button off as Diet Coke button

Newsmax: 7 Reasons the Senate Trial Is a Sham (And Why They Really Want to Nail Trump)

@DineshDSouza; Progressive historians like Kevin Kruse say the 1776 Commission Report leaves a lot out

Anon nom: 'RELEASE THEM ALL' Joe Biden executive order – ICE ‘told to free all undocumented migrants in Texas custody’ after halted deportations

Sputnik: Head of Mossad to Outline Israeli Demands to Biden for Rejoining Iran Nuclear Deal - Report

'BEYOND THE PALE' Capitol ‘rioter’ Jeffrey Sabol ‘who dragged cop to be beaten with US flag tried to flee to Switzerland to kill himself’

Latest Notables

Crowdsourced from anons • More info